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Firstly let me introduce myself, I am Alan and have been responsible for the maintenance department over the last twelve years being involved in every aspect from doing many repairs to overseeing specialised contractors and insurance companies.  Importantly not only providing details of ongoing issues but sending pictures of all work carried out. Whether you live in your property abroad or use it for holiday or long term rentals, one vital aspect is maintenance and upkeep.

We are the eyes and ears of each owner and first response when time is of the essence, especially where tenants are concerned.  Being able to speak to owners from their property and answer real time questions is invaluable and offers a peace of mind as if they are there themselves.  This makes decisions easier and lets the owner stay in control.  Of course there will be times when some matters have to be dealt with immediately but even then they will be carried out as efficiently and cost effective  as possible with the owners best interests at the forefront. As homeowners ourselves, we know how important it is to keep costs down but not to cut corners.

Some of the services we offer under our Property Management Contract are

Weekly visual inspection of interior and exterior for holiday lets and empty properties and monthly inspections for long lets, giving feedback to owners.

Check for pests and vermin weekly and recommend remedial action

Test all electrical equipment before and after each let

Test sanitary and plumbing before and after each let

Act as official key holder within office hours 10am to 6pm Mon to Fri. Out of office hours subject to charge

Collect mail on a weekly basis and email across to owners or hold as required

Publish monthly report and accounts for owners detailing status of property and recommendations.

Thoroughly air rooms before each let

Arrange emergency repair work with landlords permission

Meet and inspect any contractor works

Arrange airport collections, cleaners, contractors etc (costs to be paid by the owner/tenant)

Act as helpline for tenants and instruct and oversee repairs to be carried out with owners consent

Receive rents from Tenants and pay into landlords Spanish bank account within time specified on contract

When informed by owner of utility bill debits, we will collect from tenant and pay into owners Spanish bank account. Or if the property is empty, will create an online account and send downloaded bills over to the owner monthly

To paint a picture of how just one maintenance issue is important. Many of you will be familiar with the hot water heating systems here in southern Spain, electric immersion, gas and solar.  We will briefly touch on one this being electric immersion. Due to the high mineral content of the water many aspects of the heating systems suffer calcification or limescale deposits.  We have found that in many instances,  these heaters need to be serviced around every two years to avoid a major breakdown, as the element becomes encrusted to such an extent that the water takes longer to heat up and causes the ultimate failure of the element itself.  A service is not only the ideal time to descale but gives an opportunity to see the internal state of the boiler and critically the anode rod which prevents premature rusting of the casing and other vulnerable parts. Some boiler malfunctions have led to other serious problems from scalding to pipe bursting and less seriously the inconvenience of no hot water while the problem gets fixed.

This is just one small problem that can occur amongst many, but though problems will occur they do not have to bring with them huge costs or unnecessary worry obviously some things are beyond the control of due diligence but can be handled in the best possible way.

So contact us through and we can talk you through the various management packages and services we offer.