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  • We have rented a house through Donna and Melanie for 4 years and they have been very good. They collect the rent personally and stop to actually listen to us. Alan is brilliant and whenever we need repairs doing, he is here within 24 hours with a huge smile on his face.

    I would not want to rent with anyone else.

    Linda and Stef
  • I just want to say what a great team Melanie and Donna are. I have rented my house through them for 5 years and nothing is a problem for them. They are prompt with email replies, prompt with rent collections and provide receipts and photos whenever any repairs need doing.

    A real pleasure to work with them.

  • I can confirm that Donna, Melanie & Alan (from James Castile) first started looking after my property over 8 years ago. I was living in the UK and purchased a property 10 years ago and had two years of headaches using a number of other agencies. This made me lose faith in renting altogether and I came to Spain to look to sell it.

    At this point I was introduced to the team and somewhat sceptical I decided to take on one more tenant and a management contract with them.

    Since then I have used their management services as well as their ability to find me a tenants. As added proof that I am happy with their services, I have moved into the properly on several occasions (temporarily) and during this time I still paid them for a management contract as it proved more cost effective than either DIY or calling in external services.

    In this regard I am delighted with the level of service and the attention to detail demonstrated by them, equally, when they need to carry out work it is not only done well it is done quickly and cost effectively. In one case I actually asked a local firm to look at my boiler and they said it needed to be replaced.

    When Alan was doing the garden and the pool I mentioned this to him. He took a look and fixed the problem for less than €30, which saved me over €280 and more importantly this boiler is still working today.

    With regard to being paid on time I have experienced no problems and they even help me to get utility bills paid when I have been unable to do so myself. They have also provided upwards of 10 tenants for me and taken references and managed the whole process.

    Living in the UK and more importantly in Costa Rica, communication was crucial to me and I am very happy with the level of regular communication and that fact that they take the stress out of renting property when it is you that lives overseas.

    Suffice to say that during the time they have looked after my property a number of issues have cropped up, all of which were actually out of their control. However the manner in which the dealt with these issues and "fixed" the problem in a timely and professional manner, was and is extremely satisfying.

    In short, I am one of the "converted" and I am delighted to recommend James Castile and I have their services not just cost effective, but excellent value for money and an absolute must if you want peace of mind from people you can trust.

    David J. Rogers