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Renter's Guide



The first stage would be for us to visit your property, take photos and full details and then we can discuss rental rates. We would then advertise your property on our website, on other well-known property directory sites and we also advertise in the SUR IN ENGLISH on a weekly rotation basis.

We would then take potential tenants to view your property and answer any questions they may have - also, we would report to you any feedback.

It costs you nothing for us to advertise your property and view with potential clients, regardless of whether the clients rent your property or not.

When a suitable tenant is found for a long term rental (which is anything from 3 months to 5 years) you will be paid one month's rent in advance and one month's security deposit (the deposit is refundable at the end of tenancy once the property has been inspected, all utility bills paid and the keys returned).

We would also obtain the relevant documentation and draw up the contracts both in Spanish and English - the Spanish version is the document which is legally binding and the translated version is for reference for our owners and clients who do not speak Spanish.

Our contracts are fully compliant with Spanish law and relevant references are obtained. For this service, our fees are the equivalent of one payment of one month's rental, which is paid by you, the owner.

Full inventories will be completed at inception and vacation of the property.



When we have found the property you wish to rent, you must provide us with copies of your NIE and or passport, proof of permanent address, a valid reference that can be followed up and a work contract or proof of earnings.

On the day of inception, you will then be asked to sign two copies of a Spanish contract (which we will translate for you), and to check and sign the inventory provided.

You will need to pay one month's rent in advance and the month's security deposit and then all the keys will be given.


We also have several holiday lets on our books and our commissions are 20% of the booking fee, paid half by the owner and half by the renter.

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